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Meet The Artist


Rebecca Rose

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Rebecca Rose is an Abstract Artist based in Melbourne, Victoria. She was born in Lucerne, Switzerland where she spent her childhood there before relocating to Melbourne to complete her studies.


Rebecca has extensive education in Fine Art, completing a Diploma of Visual Art as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in Melbourne. Her specialised art form is painting and chosen medium is alcohol Ink. Rebecca also explores different materials and mediums including acrylic paint, fluid paint, ink, board, canvas and wood to assist in conveying abstract concepts. 

Rebecca Rose captures an awakened feeling, a moment in time lost to enjoy and be still. Appreciating beauty, nature, and the magic of art. Rebecca is inspired by the combination of colours and the blending of hues and their contrasting nature. Her passion stems from the way art evokes emotion and creates an aesthetic environment in which her concepts can flourish.

Rebecca describes her work as smooth, bold and layered. She explains that her work is enthused by colour, the way it behaves and can be manipulated and controlled, especially the manner in which it is independent and wild. Ink is such an organic and fun medium to work with it can take a life of its own when applied. One colour can transform and adapt into multiple shades and tints which makes for a magical and breathtaking sight. 

Rebecca Rose Art has a diverse clientele of residential and commercial clients. Rebecca’s artwork caters for various spaces as her work ranges in size and style. Whether your looking for a statement piece to fill a large area or searching for a delicate piece to brighten or style an intimate space, Rebecca Rose Art can cater to you. 

Every piece of Rebecca Rose artwork is crafted using the highest quality inks and premium materials. Each artwork is unique and takes on its own conceptual journey through an organic process. Rebecca Rose original pieces are exclusive and all have their own distinct story, filled with layers of emotion and colour. Prints of original works are also available to purchase in varies sizes. Please note there is a limited number of prints available to purchase per original.

Rebecca Rose is currently accepting commission projects, please enquire at:




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